by Jeff Leatham


The art of rug-making meets the art of floral design with Bloom, a collection of 14 rugs hand-tufted in wool and silk designed in collaboration with celebrated American florist Jeff Leatham.

Leatham's exquisite floral symphonies and installations are often compared to contemporary art with their transporting, sculptured ethereal landscapes filled with majestic bouquets of Calla lilies, beds of roses, clouds of petals, buds and full blooms. 

With this collection I sought, through a harmony of colours and forms to create rugs that stop us in our tracks, invite us to pause for a moment as in front of a painting, to dream a little and connect with our emotions. They are rugs to contemplate, like works of art beyond objects simply to look at or tread on.

For more than two decades as Artistic Director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, Leatham has created breathtaking arrangements by mixing live plants and blooms to reflect and enhance the decor of the French palace and echo the sepia tones of the 17th Century Flanders tapestries that adorn its walls.


Harnessing Tai Ping's expertise, graphic contrasts and juxtapositions are brought to life using wool and silk threads in countless nuances of deeply saturated tones, with the designer taking inspiration from Tai Ping's signature palette.

Tonal accents, variety and movement are achieved through plays on texture, while material contrasts open up a range of inviting and visual possibilities.




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