For over 50 years, House of Tai Ping has been a technical and design innovator in the field of custom carpets, a standard bearer of savoir faire whose work can be found in some of the world's most exquisite places. Tai Ping brings this tradition of quality and contemporary sophistication and vision to wider public with the inaugural Tai Ping Edition One.


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Like the work produced by hand at Tai Ping, Tai Ping Edition maintains the same conceptual sophistication and contemporary sensibility as the mother company. But since Tai Ping Edition can be found both in Tai Ping showrooms across North America, Europe, and Asia, and for international wholesale distribution, through it we can share our company's rich heritage with an entirely new public.

An experiment in crossing borders and disciplines, Edition One joins together a diverse group of designers who have all previously created hand-made work for Tai Ping, Some originate from the tradition of fine art, like Zoe Ouvrier and Miguel Chevalier, or furniture design, such as Christian Ghion. Others, like Laurent Buttazzoni, have an architecture background, while Han Feng, Maurizio Galante, and Kenzo Takada first achieved renown as fashion designers. Gilles & Boissier are best known for interior design with a graphic slant.


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