Los Angeles hand-knotted
A white piece of paper offers unlimited possibilities. At least if you are a designer, inventor and an artist just like Ryland Anoldi (right) and Sam Seidman. Both of them founded their Studio Wrapped in Venice, West L.A., five years ago. Wrapped describes their original business idea which they hit on when they were backpackers in Peru. They wanted to earn money by wrapping things up. “Already as a child I admired my dad for wrapping up presents so beautifully with that kind of thick paper only butchers use”, tells Arnoldi. But Charles Arnoldi’s father is not a butcher but a well-known artist who specialized in abstract paintings. Both guys in their late twenties realized in a little while that they could not achieve fame as fancy paper producers. So they began to paint
and design their own paper – which they furthermore used for wrapping up all kind of things. Like a bicycle for example which transformed with it’s new “skin” into a one of a kind by Wrapped, almost an objet d’art. Their put-on-paper-designs got more and more bigger and spacious. They developed wallpapers, wall paintings and rugs. Meanwhile the duo made its mark far beyond California’s national borders – not least by their rug collections for the Hong Kong cooperation House of Tai Ping. For the brand 1956 by Tai Ping (1956 was the founding year of the Chinese manufacturer) Arnoldi and Seidman just
designed the rugs Abbot Kinney, Penmar and Milldred. The rugs are very chromatic, geometrical and seem very abstract, too – though three streets of houses of Los Angeles were not only the eponyms but also the inspiration. In the first place Los Angeles: That’s their city say both of them. And what do you do in your leisure time there? “Surfing”, says Ryland Arnoldi. What else.

Caption: Streets out of pure wool: The rugs Abbot Kinney (left), Mildred (above) and Penmar from Designerstudio Wrapped.