KISO by Yabu Pushelberg


Inspired by Japan’s wabi-sabi philosophy and refined traditional textiles, the Kiso collection is articulated as a tryptic, around three distinctive yet perfectly cohesive parts, each mirroring a fundamental element of earth.

First comes Mizu, the water, essential to all life and so profoundly associated with emotion and subtlety, transcribed through fading shades of light to deep blues, elegant grays, and rough browns. Just as vital, Kaze and the most elusive element of all: wind. Symbol of wisdom and openness, carrying its mystic swirl of surprises and depicted by a palette of stormy grays and all shades of white. Last, Daichi embodies all earthy and mineral things. Grays mixed with bright touches of colours, are organized here in triangles, there in checkerboard, evoking symbols of strength, stability, and confidence.





This collection is particularly personal to me, as I explored my Japanese roots for inspiration,” George Yabu explains. “Being born and raised in Canada, I did not still expect them to be so present to this day in my work.

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