Raw by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance  


For Raw, designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance explores the origins of our planet, the formation of the Earth, the foundation of civilization, the tension in the tectonic plates. The collection’s focus on minerals echoes the origins of his own creative memory, like a personal tribute to his childhood on the wild coasts of Brittany in France. “I always reference the fundamentals in my work, and nature’s universal language. Rocks are inherent elements of that vocabulary and an important source of personal inspiration, both in their natural form and as sculpted pieces.” 

Raw transposes this hard material into something soft, thanks to Tai Ping’s unparalleled skills in hand-tufting. Duchaufour-Lawrance envisioned these designs as strong foundations for interiors: “By introducing this reference to untamed nature, I aim to translate something raw into a smooth and elegant anchor inside the home.” 

Tai Ping found the right balance to keep the drawing’s spirit. The rug exists as an object of its own. This interpretation by Tai Ping’s artisans demonstrates extraordinary craftsmanship. Each sample was enhanced in a way I could not have anticipated.

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